Commercial Renovation Loans

Get the Capital you need to fund both the purchase and rehabilitation of your project

Axiom has access to capital that focuses on alternative investment funding that provides short-term, small-balance commercial real estate loans many of whom are specializing in bridge and “hard” money.

Axiom’s capital partners offers real estate investor benefits that traditional lenders cannot match

Speed and certainty. Axiom’s partners will make a prompt decision, demonstrate assured execution and a quick closing— in as little as seven days of receiving all necessary documents.

Bridge lending. Interim financing helps investors seize opportunities that may otherwise get away.

Renovation Funding. We provide financing to owners who are experienced and competent in the management of real estate, have significant equity in the asset and have an exit strategy.


Lending Area: Varies by State
Property Type: Mulifamily (5+units), Apartment Bldg, Mixed-Use, etc.
Loan Size: $250K – $20M
Loan Term: 12 months or longer are available
Interest Rate: 9.00% – 18.00%
Amortization: Interest-Only Monthly Payments options
Loan To COST: Up to 85%
Time Frame to Close: 7 to 20 business days


To get the process started, press HERE and will work on your loan immediately.