About Us

Private Mortgage Loans for Real Estate

First, we specialize in hard money and commercial mortgages and offer Private Mortgage Loans up to 100% financing. These loans products include blanket loans, rehab loan funding income producing properties, as well as, distressed, non- income producing properties nationwide. We not only provide capital but, we also equip our borrowers and developers with the knowledge and resources to assist them with purchasing and renovating distressed properties. The majority of these loans are on residential property (1-4 units), typically 6 months in duration. They are first position loans and typically range between 50 and 70% of the repaired value (and up to 80% of the total cost). Many of our Hard Money Loan products are strictly asset-based; some of which disregard credit scoring, financials, and other red tape involved with conventional financing. However, we put certain safety measures in place to protect our investor’s capital and our borrower/developer’s asset.

Capital for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Notes, Trust Deeds and Land Contracts

Secondly, Axiom Capital Resource facilitates capital for paper assets in the real estate sector. With over $20mm of loans originated and 13 years of industry experience, we are seasoned professionals. We offer asset resolution and liquidity to investors, private lenders, and funds of performing and non-performing assets by purchasing their debt; thus, allowing them to ’emerge capital from assets’ (recapitalize).  Our focus is purchasing notes and trust deeds of synergistic lenders – being in the Hard Money/Private Lending space allows us certain insight to the industry. By offering  niche capital, along with excellent service and familiarity of market conditions, Axiom Capital Resource has built a sound network. Concentrating our efforts on creating long-term partnerships is our key driver to successful and profitable outcomes.