Investment Opportunity

If you asked most investors to summarize their investment aims, it would probably all come down to one overall goal: a high rate of return obtained with lowest possible risk to their principal. Real estate is clearly established as a sound investment; add factors that mitigate risks and we have a strong investment strategy. We choose Private Mortgage Investing because of its preferred rate of return and reduced level of risk.

Based on Morgan Stanley’s Investment Management, “Two pillars support real estate portfolio risk mitigation: a sound investment policy and a rigorous monitoring system.”

Axiom Capital Resource has been providing unique real estate investment opportunities for its borrowers; now we will offer the same for our investors. The state of the current real estate market presents a rare opportunity for well capitalized investors to take advantage of opportunities real estate. Axiom’s primary focus is provide capital and liquidity to these investors in the form of highly secured Trust Deeds.


Axiom has been able to capitalize on a tremendous investment opportunity in the current real estate marketplace by developing its own proprietary purchasing model. The model allows us to fund real estate projects while, simultaneously, securing our investor’s position. Moreover, we will be able to maintain complete control of each property we fund, while also allowing our investors to make a substantial return on their investment capital.

Advantages of Private Mortgage Note Investing

  • High annual yields (typically 11%) secured by real estate
  • Interest payments are paid monthly
  • Low volatility returns not correlated with the stock market
  • Substantial property equity cushions to protect your capital (loans are made at low loan to  value ratios)

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